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Written BY Tricia Cook, MEd., RSP, AOG, T92W;;

In my experience, everyone Who Excels In Learning Has Developed A Unique Sense Of Trust In Themselves Through Jesus, Their Gifts, & How They Process Information!! -Tricia Cook

The attitude depends on the student finding motivation and meaning for their learning. One’s attitude for learning makes for a make or break type learning. -Tricia Cook

Connection Can Be Differentiated & Lost with Self & Others on A Cellular Level: Via Proteomics Degeneration -Tricia Cook

Thymic involution, probably through the hormonal turmoil and cell health, provoke many of our learning and memory problems. -Tricia Cook

Responsive System Dysfunction (RSD): *Dysregulation Functional System Regulation RAS (Brain stem)-PONS (Mind/Brain) DISCONNECTION THYMUS (SOUL)– Is Negatively (Anger and Shame) Charged Synergism of Cells Causing Deficits -Tricia Cook

DISCONNECTION THYMUS (SOUL)– Is Negatively (Anger and Shame) Charged Synergism of Cells Causing Deficits, Illnesses, Aliments & Disconnection (see above) -Tricia Cook

*NOTE: Dysfunctional System Responsive (RSD) leads to Total Learning System Dysfunction (TLSD) which works in a downward effect (outside/inside direction not then moving into an inside/out direction) from RAS to -PONS to -THYMUS:

Again, ALL our systems and senses need to function equalized, activated, and balanced for learning to take place. The triune brain which is the neomammalian complex (RAS- aka neocortex), midbrain (pons- aka limbic system), and forebrain (thymus aka reptilian) is working on a downward function. People are using their mental and emotional bodies to learn not their etherical body (etheric). -Tricia Cook

When neurotoxicity (tau- toxic protein clumps develop in Hippocampus or other areas) happens at an early age, the brain will sometimes compensate. This natural compensation means early development in other parts of the brain. -Tricia Cook

You can learn more about the typical mind- by understanding the atypical mind! -Tricia Cook

The thymus brings Intelligence (God’s Affirmation- Jesus to Minister to The Word) and Imagination (God’s Intention- Holy Spirit to the ministry of The Word) into balance to form our Moral in own Beliefs (Will)- thanksgiving for ultimately the convergence of God’s knowledge and wisdom to gain a better understanding of everything!!! -Tricia Cook

I say, the balance and equanimity of the two [intelligence, imagination] are key in union with God as anger and shame needs to be balanced with strength (mercy) and empathy (grace). -Tricia Cook

The RAS being activated via the pons, and thymus leads someone to a “Flexible Mind”. This flexible mind is due to the transference of “cells” and activating the synapse of the neurons to increase neuroplasticity. A “Ridged Mind” is a closed mind-remember, if you don’t use an “open mind”, you lose adaptability (placidity-that is, also read below abstract thinking). -Tricia Cook

Again, spiritual disconnect happens in (intellectual)- what is right, (moral) what is good, and (imaginative) His Divine Will for us in design and purpose! INTELLECTUAL-Humble Intention means to “stretch” the mind, in the direction or towards “one’s purpose” of “basic Spiritual Needs”; MORAL Wisdom, Intention for Good including Imagination = greater certainty of purpose, also Related to Lower (central) Personal Self: The Dreams; Imaginative– Becoming Into His Will along with unity, with an Eager Desire for Mercy and Faith (Glory) Is Related to Higher Transpersonal Self and Staying In Grace -Tricia Cook

The goal is reducing shame and anger and transform for good with strength and empathy. For adults, go on to transform hatred to courage and grief to compassion. My suggestion, if you believe your unaware of your anger and shame, say God please make me aware of my anger and shame. -Tricia Cook

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“My ELBERT develops connection, trust, and love by instilling curiosity, autonomy, and attunement in our students.” by Tricia Cook

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Published by Tricia Cook, MEd., Online Dyslexia and Behavioral Interventionist, RSP, AA O-G Tutor & Montessorian

My interest is in helping parents and teachers to understand learning and behavioral challenges and to love learning again. I graduated from Auburn in ECE in 1998. I have been a Montessori teacher here in Birmingham for almost 12 years and have lived in Birmingham for the past 19 years. As an early childhood teacher, I want continue to grow and develop as a constant learner. In 2012, I graduated from Secondary Education with a P-12 Reading Specialist certification the University of Alabama. As a Reading Specialist, I train on diversity and literacy development; I have a specialized knowledge of assessment and diagnosis that is vital for developing, implementing, and evaluating your literacy and neurodiversity behavioral, character development programing. Also, I have varying experiences designing instruction and environments for Montessori and Non-Montessori (OSR-Pre-K) environments. Therefore, I can consult for any environment or setting! In 2013, I attained my highly qualified status in ECE and Reading. In 2013, I also got my Orton-Gillingham AA tutor certification. I currently tutor full-time along with consulting. I have actually been tutoring since 2003. Along with other independent tutoring/interventionist experiences, I have brought dozens of students from an emergent to an advanced reading level! In addition to tutoring, I have provided the reading strengths and needs of my students and share that information to classroom teachers, parents, specialized teachers, and other stakeholders.  Lastly, I have also been a trainer/presenter, since 2008 and really enjoy this aspect of my career. As an experienced trainer, I have trained on many topics including: literacy (the five components), classroom management, positive discipline, diversity character development, Montessori Philosophy, policies and procedures, child development, and Alabama's Pre-k. Take note: Schools and families are desperately looking for an alternative type of affordable multi-sensory, hands-on, and interesting instruction. Currently, I am training and interested in writing on the following topics: A Comparison of Pre-K to Kindergarten; Adolescent Literacy (7th+); Assessment; Developing Readers; Children’s Literature; Classroom Management Techniques; Comprehension; Montessori Philosophy; Environmental Print & Early Writing; Family Attachment; Language and Literacy; Outdoor Classroom; Poetry Writing (7th+); Positive Guidance; Fine-motor Development; Cursive Writing; Creative Writing; Comprehension: Study Skills/Test Taking Strategies; Morphology; Phonics Instruction; Diversity Education; Neurodiversity Education; HandWriting; Reading Strategies; Best Practices P-12. Thank you, Tricia Cook, MEd., RSP, AOG;

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