Tricia Cook: Owner of Cook’s Independent Tutoring, Coaching, and Consulting, LLC. (Dyslexia & Behavioral Interventionist)

My Work—Getting International Recognition for Helping Parents and Teachers Understand Common Learning & Behavioral Challenges

After over twenty years of being in education, I provide tutoring, consulting, and coaching on dyslexia and other neurodevelopmental differences. Over the last 15 years, I’ve observed an increasing amount of behavioral, sensorial, cognitive, physical, mental, and spiritual difficulties and differences along with an increased number of children being medicated; I had seen over and over that students with behavioral challenges had undetected learning differences. Therefore, I developed a revolutionary program that includes an evaluation that “looks at the whole child.” I work with all stakeholders on constructive engagement when learning based on student “whole child” observation(s) inspired by Maria Montessori, Benjamin Bloom, Peter Levine, Conrad E. and Cohen B., Dr. J. Puleo & Dr. L. Horowitz, Abraham Maslow, Howard Garner,  Dr. Bradley Nelsen, Hans Berger, Jean Piaget, Grolnick, W. & Kurowski, C. and Erik Erickson. I have also developed a revolutionary training/intervention program for people with unique learning and neurodifferences. This program is based on my own inductive reasoning and a detective sense contributed to my own gift of dyslexia, countless hours of student observations, educational research and studies along with my perpetual care for children.

Common Learning & Behavioral Challenges… You might need to contact me for help, if you or your child/student:

When it comes to learning, shows the following emotions: anger, frustration, shame, and sadness; has chronic headaches, stomach aches, hives; appears to have low-self esteem; squints when reading; feels behind or “different” than the other kids; has behavioral and learning challenges; complains; thrives for constant attention; labeled emotionally intense, gifted and talented or twice-exceptional; has trouble focusing or paying attention; destroys their pencil, eraser, and crumples up their paper after working very hard; problems with organization or being on time; poor body-space awareness; sleep and/or digestive problems; has problems spelling or with handwriting; complete interest-based learner; grips pencil very hard; has glasses but still complains about not seeing the letters or words, ultra-sensitive, problems with authority; doodles on paper; problems understanding verbal directions; picks and scratches at their skin and nails; can be needy, clingy, and “whinny”; described as dramatic, creative and very imaginative by others; been or going to be held back in school; has trouble connecting to others; tired all the time; shows anxiety and anxiousness; overactive-reads, writes, moves, and thinks extremely fast; sensory-processing problems; constantly moving hands/feet or fidgeting; overly kind or pleasing others; considerably ‘moody’; known for “daydreaming”; aggressive and violent; gets low grades: yet, highly intelligent; can comprehend well but has trouble with spelling/reading fluency; adverse to learning or trying something new; lastly, my personal favorite~they are an “outside of the box thinker”.

“Why be inside a box when you can be free! Plus, I won’t be in the box; there’s not one large enough. “-Tricia Cook

Common Questions:

What are some alternative ways to help my child with their learning difference? The My ELBERT Program has focused activities to release emotions of anger or shame which are common with learning challenges. There are some examples such as these HERE.

What are some “better ways” to help my child with learning differences? The My ELBERT Program has parent/teacher coaching and consulting on these activities to release emotions of anger or shame which are common with learning challenges. There are some examples such as these HERE.

How do you know about learning differences?
– I have dyslexia myself and struggled with anger/shame due to LD
– I have heavily studied learning differences since around 2004
– I have studied human development and education- even educational neuroscience research
– I have several certifications to help tutor and teach those with learning differences Press link to find out about my tutoring, coaching and consulting experience and credential: HERE PRESS HERE FOR TESTIMONIALS

What type of evaluations and services do you offer? Make sure you contact me HERE or email: for tutoring, coaching, and consulting descriptions and prices!

Where do you get the inspiration again to write the Elbert program?

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Looking to Heal Our Own [Learning] Difference Through Our Very Own DNA: An alternative perspective from spirit, soul, and body: HERE

For Any Neurodifference Tricia Cook is Helping Parents and Teachers Get Better Help w/Common Learning & Behavioral Challenges with the My ELBERT Program

Presenting/Technical Assistance/Speaking:

tcooktutor @help_dyslexia @tcook2017

  • Office of School Readiness (OSR)- Montgomery, Shelby, Jefferson, Clay, Calhoun, Mobile, Baldwin, Lawrence, Talladega, Cleburne, Cherokee Counties (training/ technical assistance/presenter)
  • Gulf Region Early Childhood Services (GRCMA)- Mobile & Baldwin Counties (training/presenter)
  • South Baldwin County Literacy Council-Baldwin County (consulting/training/ presenter)
  • Alabama Game Changers (Dyslexia Organization)- Jefferson County (training/ presenter)
  • UAB’s MidSouth Reading and Writing Conference- Jefferson County (volunteer/presenter)
  • M-Power Ministries (Literacy Education Center)- Jefferson County (consulting/ presenter)
  • Alabama PreK Conference (two consecutive years with OSR)- Montgomery County (training/program presenter)
  • Community Action Partnership of North Alabama (with OSR)- DeKalb County (training/presenter)

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