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**Screenings held weekly…just message me for more information!

Description and Cost

Since I’m a Dyslexia Interventionist and Reading Specialist with an SLP background, I do a pre-diagnostic My ELBERT  evaluation/screening to see if testing needs to be done or if there is another underlying problem that needs to be addressed. This is not a diagnosis, more like pre-planning or “first steps”. Also includes a FIRST ONE FREE Consultation (30 min to discuss my observations).

I observed the student’s sensory acute response to stress and interview teachers the child, and parents, observe input/output of motor, verbal, and written behaviors in response to a literacy activity such as a phonics inventory, word- sound knowledge, phonological awareness exercises, and working memory activities along with the student’s interest survey and overall behaviors based on executive, somatic and autonomic functioning.

Note: “One highly cited study showed that around 80 percent of children with dyslexia had both phonological and surface dyslexia, while 20 percent had only one of the two.”https://www.understood.org/en/learning-thinking-differences/child-learning-disabilities/dyslexia/different-types-of-dyslexia

Cook’s Evaluation Cost


-The ELBERT partial screening includes learning differences screening  (Dyslexia, SLI, VPD, & APD effects of ADHD on reading). The cost is $95.

-The OH Good Golly is a Dyslexia screening takes 45 min. approx. and is $50 which includes just a screening for “first steps“.

-The Complete Elbert Evaluation is a complete learning difference screening for Dyslexia, Specific Language Impairment (SLI), Visual Processing Disorder (VPD), Auditory Processing Disorder (APD), Dysgraphia, Central Processing Disorder (CAPD), Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), Autism/Gifted and Talented plus Irlen Syndrome, ADHD characteristics that affect learning including working memory-abstract thinking, organization of logic, etc.  (takes 3 hours) including Social/Emotional (Anger/Shame) Domain, Gifts, Strengths, & Special Interest, grade level eval., and The cost is $150. Cost $250 if includes recommendations and accommodations (Read More HERE).

 -Coaching/Consulting on My Elbert Program- $65 for an half-an-hour (FIRST ONE FREE) is everything you need know about helping those with any neurodifference to enjoy learning again! Again, a minimum of 2 times per week recommended and on a flex-schedule at your convenience. Note: Students do not need to get an Elbert evaluation first and anyone with you can attend might be others joining as a group!

FREE DYSLEXIA HELP:  https://linktr.ee/tcooktutor DISCOVERY CALL TODAY: https://tcooktutor.as.me/


Here is what My Elbert can screen for:

You might need to contact me for help if you or your child/student can’t be reached and seems disconnected; Also, when it comes to learning, they show some or all of the following emotions and challenges: anger, frustration, shame, and sadness; has chronic headaches, stomach aches, hives; appears to have low-self esteem; squints when reading; feels behind or “different” than the other kids; has behavioral and learning challenges; emotionally intense or desensitized; complains; thrives for constant attention; labeled emotionally intense, gifted and talented or twice-exceptional; has trouble focusing or paying attention; destroys their pencil, eraser, and crumples up their paper after working very hard; problems with organization or being on time; poor eye-contact, body-space awareness; sleep and/or digestive problems; has problems spelling and/or with handwriting; complete interest-based learner; grips pencil very hard; has glasses but still complains about not seeing the letters or words due to being blurry, jumping or flying; ultra-sensitive, problems with authority; doodles on paper; problems understanding verbal directions; picks and scratches at their skin and nails; can be needy, clingy, and “whinny”; described as dramatic, creative and very imaginative by others; been or going to be held back in school; has trouble connecting to others; tired all the time; great with verbal comprehension and large lexicon, shows anxiety, anxiousness or depression; overactive-reads, writes, moves, and thinks extremely fast or slow; sensory-processing problems or issues; constantly moving hands/feet or fidgeting; overly kind or pleasing others; considerably ‘moody’; known for “daydreaming”; aggressive and violent; gets low grades: yet, highly intelligent; can comprehend well but has trouble with spelling/reading fluency; adverse to learning or trying something new as well as low in motivation! 

All Other Information on MY ELBERT HERE


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