What is My Elbert?

MY ELBERT is unlike any other program you have tried before.  That’s because I am not your typical educator.  This is an alternative education model that Now it’s your turn to enjoy measurable results…

  • Provides the science-based solution to reach the core of diverse cerebral learning based on individual assessments, that eliminates failure once they are equipped at this level.
  • Develops connection, trust, and love by instilling curiosity, autonomy, and attunement in our students.
  • Activate healthy brain circuits for calming and self-directed neuroplasticity possibly even homeostasis under times of stress, such as reading, writing, and speaking.
  • A sure-fire way to conquer phonics and alternative approaches to comprehensive reading and literacy for developing identity and spiritual authenticity.
  • Increase their focus, motivation, and resilience as well as processing speed and memory; then, increase their intrinsic trust in themselves and more importantly their mind.
  • You’ll benefit from enrichment tools you can use to help with at-home learning and classroom management.
  • Plus, equanimity= mental calmness, composure, and evenness of temper, especially in a difficult situation; Likely, creating a peaceful environment, non-bias community, and a better society using neuropedalogical aspects and acceptance.

MY ELBERT trains and coaches families, educators in schools, museums, organizations, independent contractors, tutors, and other teaching staff and institutions of higher education personnel, to use student-centered facilitation methods to create a visually-empowering team inclusive of neuropedalogical discussions, reflective activities, goal and intention setting, self-awareness and directed neuroplasticity.

  • Also, by our intensive professional development programs, we provide individuals with the tools to become skilled facilitators of complex conversations, fostering strategic relationships, flexible thinking skills, and the conceptualization and implementation of collaborative initiatives.
  • Our accessible online program supports the Neurodiverse in the areas of: critical thinking, visual literacy (arts), communication (reading, writing, & speaking), and collaboration skills; basically trusting the gifts, strengths, and interest. As well training the adults who work with them daily including but not limited to: curriculum planning, literacy intervention, visual-arts instruction, classroom management, character development, and community outreach programs. Check out where My ELBERT IS TAKING an INTERNATIONAL STAGE in SDIG REVIEW; REVIEWS OF MY ELBERT!!

My program has been pretty awesome the way it was, but in response to overwhelming requests from Administrators, Program Managers & Parents around the world…My Elbert program follows an ABCs format whether child or adult:

😊 😃 Where in your life do you need more autonomy with independence (work, home, school)?
😊 😃 Also, where do you need to add attunement that’s value (empathy) for God, yourself, others?
As an My Elbert coach, we’d discuss and brainstorm as well start add PYAM!! Prayer, Yoga, Affirmations and Meditation to your daily routine (I meet you where you are spiritually-https://pin.it/1zM3sfL)!!
I understand, as well as, my other My Elbert coaches Linda Flack Coyle and Susan Christian Beddingfield https://lnkd.in/djJf7U6E; personally, I’m Neurodiverse myself. In order to heal from the emotional intensity due to trauma with learning, I had to realize the anger (it was regressive- hidden or suppressed) that caused the shame. Then, I worked with the shame- so this realization wasn’t so easy to face; therefore it took strength (God’s strength to be exact…see my GO: https://www.canva.com/…/Fl8KaG3rmUU3-gSZAGnXtA/view…).
😊 I uncovered that the anger was due to the rejection of the teachers (who I looked up to) that couldn’t help me and felt frustrated and the children followed the teachers lead in this.
😊 Yes- the anger went to shame. The abandonment of the teachers not helping had me to become emotional and overeat along with reading the bible with not understanding it. Basically, until the last half-decade, I was overweight, had an autoimmune disease and daily ruminated on negative thoughts of myself.
Today, I try to inform teachers/tutors, families to prevent for kids from experiencing too. Its also my testimony and mission to help the Neurodiverse (children to adults) spiritually as well as the academic, mental, physical and social/emotional “whole person” areas. www.myelbert.com https://www.canva.com/…/YvCoKFls1NJikH-OgTorQg/view…
😊 😃 Do you or someone you know struggle with
learning and life in general??




Learning That Appeals To The “Whole” Person (children to adults)…See MY Elbert Coaching Model (looking for consultants, coaches, and tutors for My Elbert): Learn More here: https://lnkd.in/dw7-9cV
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