Cook’s FSD Dysregulation: Functional system regulation using a spiritual growth-oriented learning model 1.9

Cook’s FSD Dysregulation: Functional system regulation using a spiritual growth-oriented learning model. Nurture Their Nature Newsletter. T. Cook, 2023 Feb.: V.1 A.7 Epigenetic marks are modifications to DNA or the proteins that package the DNA (such as histones) that can be passed through cell division and can affect gene expression without affecting the underlying geneticContinue reading “Cook’s FSD Dysregulation: Functional system regulation using a spiritual growth-oriented learning model 1.9”

My Elbert: Functional System Regulation

Cook’s FSD Dysregulation: Functional system regulation using a spiritual growth-oriented learning model; T. Cook, 2023 Feb. Part II. Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in the DSM-5 is the manual used by mental health professionals to diagnose mental disorders. Overall, the DSM-5 criteria for ADHD is designed to ensure that the diagnosis is accurate and that otherContinue reading “My Elbert: Functional System Regulation”

My Elbert: The “Eon” that Power The Nous

Are we “listening” to our transpersonal higher-self (NOUS including Thalmus) and doing things with autonomy, attunement and adaptability? Are we just doing what we are told by others, nor in connection to our higher-self? NOUS- νοῦς (Strong’s #3563 — Noun Masculine — nous — nooce ) for which see MIND , No. 1, is translatedContinue reading “My Elbert: The “Eon” that Power The Nous”

My Elbert: Neurodiversity Coaching

The weary need discernment upon their ego state… Psyche would be the ego conditioned individual’ “mind‘ wherein knowing “their being”; meaning what one is as a person and why here on earth through ontological training from family, culture, religion, education etc. which that” …is an ego states- they are an adaptation to various life circumstances,Continue reading “My Elbert: Neurodiversity Coaching”

My Elbert: Heart & Mind

Problem: For people in retrograde, [occurring or performed in a direction opposite to the normal or forward direction of conduction or flow the normal flow of energy is reversed. Ideas, thoughts, feelings; instead of easily pouring out to others] their thoughts seem to get stuck within our mind and unforgiveness in their heart. They haveContinue reading “My Elbert: Heart & Mind”

My Elbert: The Heart

Related to the heart, what is regressive anger? Similar to suppressive anger, the definition of regressive means— 1 : the act or an instance of regressing 2 : a trend or shift toward a lower or less perfect state: such as a : progressive decline of a manifestation of disease b(1): gradual loss of differentiationContinue reading “My Elbert: The Heart”

My Elbert: The Mind

Neuroplasticity is the capacity of nerve cells to biologically adapt to circumstances, to change their connections and behavior in response to new information, sensory stimulation, development, damage, or dysfunction. Mindsight, a skill we can all develop to break free from mental patterns that get in the way of living our lives to the fullest. EpigeneticsContinue reading “My Elbert: The Mind”

My Elbert: Edification Is Necessary For Neurodiverse

 N T Nature:  Helping Those with a Neurodiversity Enjoy  Learning Again (updated) Part I 1 – Written BY Tricia Cook, MEd., RSP, AOG, Montessorian;; 2 – Introduction To Nurture Their Nature MY ELBERT: EVERYONE LEARNS BETTER EMBRACING REVOLUTIONARY TEACHING IS The first Specialized Online Coaching Curriculum.  I’ve spent the last 25 yearsContinue reading “My Elbert: Edification Is Necessary For Neurodiverse”

My Elbert: Trauma is an emotional response

I am studying to learn how to best give Godly counsel/teach by helping schools, students, families, teachers/tutors, anyone who feels weak and weary with a Neurodiversity by using literacy to become closer to God by having Him look upon their heart! Oh yes- I believe people in anger nature tend to stay in fight, flight.Continue reading “My Elbert: Trauma is an emotional response”

My Elbert: Neurodifference…Feeling Weak or Weary?

Weary means κοπιάω (Strong’s #2872 — Verb — kopiao — kop-ee-ah’-o ) (a) “to grow tired with toil,” Matthew 11:28; John 4:6; revelation 2:3 , also means (b) “to bestow labor, work with toil,” Romans 16:6; Galatians 4:11; in John 4:38 , AV, “bestowed (no) labor,” RV, “have (not) labored,” and, in the same verse,Continue reading “My Elbert: Neurodifference…Feeling Weak or Weary?”

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