My Elbert: Neurodiversity and Neurodiscernment

MY ELBERT: EVERYONE LEARNS BETTER EMBRACING REVOLUTIONARY TEACHING IS The first Specialized Online Coaching Curriculum.  I’ve spent the last 25 years perfecting an alternative, holistic approach to correcting learning differences, including, but not limited to, Dyslexia and Neurodevelopmental differences (view  the “why” behind  My Elbert below …view program HERE). The Problem: We are seeing children/adultsContinue reading “My Elbert: Neurodiversity and Neurodiscernment”

My Elbert: Neurodiversity & the Ego States

Yes, I do believe the disconnect for students, families, and schools. It’s in the Spiritual Development. The disconnect happens in these domains: (intellectual)- what is right, (moral) what is good, and (imaginative) what is best; meaning, His Divine Will for us in design, plan, and purpose for yourself and meekness towards others! Affirmation (Blessing ofContinue reading “My Elbert: Neurodiversity & the Ego States”

My Elbert & My Testimony written by Tricia Cook

 “The Opening” Due to learning with trauma and learning struggles, I had a troubled heart, possibly because of my own anger and shame as well as it being intergenerational…till age 42, To Him Be ALL THE GLORY !   From my childhood, I had heard so many negative comments that I felt like…I couldn’t doContinue reading “My Elbert & My Testimony written by Tricia Cook”

My Elbert: Neurodiversity & Epigenetic Modulators

Epigenetic modulators thus serve to transduce signals from environmental agents, injury, inflammation, aging and other cellular stressors towards modifiers to alter the chromatin states of tumor suppressors or oncogenes and to promote epigenetic flexibility and the acquisition of stem-like features early during: Epigenetic mechanisms form a layer of control within a cell that regulates geneContinue reading “My Elbert: Neurodiversity & Epigenetic Modulators”

My Elbert: Neurodiversity & Responsive System Dissociation (RSD)

After twenty-five years of being in education, I provide tutoring, consulting, and coaching  on dyslexia and other neurodevelopmental differences. Over the last 15 years, I’ve observed an increasing amount  of affective,  behavioral, sensorial, cognitive, physical, mental, and spiritual  difficulties and differences due to learning with trauma along with an increased number of children being medicated,Continue reading “My Elbert: Neurodiversity & Responsive System Dissociation (RSD)”

My Elbert: Neurodiversity & Transpersonal Self

1 – Written BY Tricia Cook, MEd., RSP, AOG: Montessorian Read Section 1 First Here Where learning is concerned, the “whole person” is important because people are different and so many learn and think differently. My neuropedagogy allows neuroscience, psychology, psychopathology, holism, Evangelical theology, and education to come into an authentic practice. It really looksContinue reading “My Elbert: Neurodiversity & Transpersonal Self”

My Elbert: Neurodiversity & Emotions

Brain networks of attention arise in infancy and are related to individual differences, including pathology during childhood. Methods of training attention may improve performance and ameliorate pathology. Retrieved from “There is research on longitudinal and reciprocal relations among behavioral sleep problems and emotional and attentional self-regulation in a population sample of 4,109 children participatingContinue reading “My Elbert: Neurodiversity & Emotions”

My Elbert: Neurodivergency and Creativity

Where is the vitamin D receptor? In humans, the vitamin D receptor is encoded by the VDR gene located on chromosome 12q13. 11. Like the iNKT cells, there are also fewer CD8αα/TCRαβ precursors in the thymus of VDR-KO animals. Moreover, to complete development CD8αα/TCRαβ cells must travel from the thymus to the gastrointestinal tract whereContinue reading “My Elbert: Neurodivergency and Creativity”

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