My Elbert: Dyslexia & The Brain

Dyslexia And The Brain- Nickolas Interviewed On 10/13/2022 By Tricia Cook

Spoken & Illustrated by Nickolas and Typed by Tricia Cook

Nickolas drew the brain himself (see above and my notes)- he has a really good imagination and creativity. When asked about his drawing, he said something funny and logical which is another gift of dyslexia. He stated, ‘I just did whatever I could do and then it’s done.’ When I asked, ‘why did you choose pink for the color?’.  He said, ‘I choose pink because most brains I’ve seen are pink.’ I asked him, “Did you see the brain in your mind before you drew it?”. He didn’t answer, he said the ‘background was blue when actually it is white.’ Now, that’s incredible he is so gifted. See Below- I noticed him drawing as I was asking these questions above. I said, ‘what are you drawing?’ He says with much expression…it’s a “CaveMan Brain”! I asked, “tell me about it”? (Again, see pictures below and their descriptions). I asked him, knowing all his gifts and abilities, “which one is your brain?”. He said with confidence, “the CaveMan Brain”. I then inquired, “why?” And he stated, “because my imagination is 50% and most of the fun stuff I do is inside, like camping inside which I actually did last night.” I then asked, “tell me about the other 50%?”. He looked down and thought a bit. Finally, he said, “it is my logic”. I replied, “tell me more please?” He informed me about his logic by explaining…” I have been doing homework and other stuff, you know?”. I said, “I do know, and I love your brain”; then, I asked, “do you love your brain?”. He sang an awesome tune (which is rather entertaining like he is most of the time) and then said, “YES”!

#1 Aka. “Smooth Brain”

#2 Aka. “CaveMan Brain”

#3 Aka. “Big Brain”

#4 Aka. “Huge Brain”

Nickolas HIMSELF- Aka “Mineboycoder”

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Published by Tricia Cook, MEd., Online Dyslexia and Behavioral Interventionist, RSP, AA O-G Tutor & Montessorian

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