FIGHT or FLIGHT: Nature of Reading, Literacy Struggles

I believe people in anger nature tend to stay in fight, flight. Can be taught when it no longer works for them and/or needs to have an understanding of themselves and “the light”. Likewise, those with shame nature tend to stay in freeze and need help, guidance, and understanding of “life”; as well, those in flee which is both anger and shame need counsel for it’s the deepest and hardest to regulate and connect need both “light and life”. (Their needing God’s strength and Will to be exact:

My Elbert program follows an ABCs format whether child or adult: Where in your life do you need more autonomy (work, home, school)? Also, where do you need to add attunement that’s value (empathy) for God, yourself, others? As an My Elbert coach, we’d discuss and brainstorm as well start add PYAM!! Prayer, Yoga, Affirmations and Meditation to your daily routine (I meet you where you are spiritually-!!

I understand, as well as, my other My Elbert coaches; personally, I’m Neurodiverse myself. In order to heal from the emotional intensity due to trauma with learning, I had to realize the anger (it was regressive- hidden or suppressed) that caused the shame. Then, I worked with the shame- so this realization wasn’t so easy to face; therefore it took strength (God’s strength to be exact I uncovered that the anger was due to the rejection of the teachers (who I looked up to) that couldn’t help me and felt frustrated and the children followed the teachers lead in this. Yes- the anger went to shame. The abandonment of the teachers not helping had me to become emotional and overeat. I was overweight, had an autoimmune disease and ruminated on negative thoughts of myself.

But, its all healed and have overcome it now- Im helping others now to look at their emotional intensity from Neurodiversity!! Today, I try to inform teachers/tutors, families to prevent for kids from experiencing too: Do you or someone you know struggle with learning and life in general?? -Would you like Jesus in your heart??? Leave God Love you- and want to go to Church Confess Jesus Is Your Lord -How you gain Salvation: 1. Believe He appeared 2. He was sinless 3. Angels noticed him and did many miracles 4. He was crucified, buried and rose again in 3 days so we may Live

-Tricia Cook, Emotional Intensity Advocate, MEd, RSP, AOG,

Note: I also work with schools and organizations, not just individuals. I learned through my neuropedagogy that calm and listening skills facilitates learning. The calming effect of tau reduction on brain networks might improve the brain’s ability to perform its functions, especially when the calm is being disrupted by disease. The insights gained in the new study could help guide the development of novel therapies that target tau as a way of reducing abnormal brain activities in a range of neurological and psychiatric diseases. [Retrieved from] #neuroscience #help #learning #wellbeing #neuropedagogy #neuroscience #neurodiversity #trauma #ADHD #Dyslexia

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