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MY ELBERT: EVERYONE LEARNS BETTER EMBRACING REVOLUTIONARY TEACHING…is a Specialized Online Tutoring, Coaching, & Consulting Program.  I’ve spent the last 20 years perfecting an alternative, holistic approach to correcting learning differences, including, but not limited to, Dyslexia and Neurodevelopmental differences. I tutor online with educational classes and one-on-one intervention. Also, I coach/ train and consult with teachers, specialist, parents, reading tutors, carers, etc. on neurodifferences, strengths, and learning uniquenesses such as characteristics, gifts, traits, and behaviors. I observe the “whole  child” and their physical, intellectual, moral, imaginative, and social/emotional development and spiritual well-being! My program allows brings then to a season of discovery, clarity and empowering them with confidence and actionable steps. I know this sounds like bold claims, but I have perfected these strategies with students ages 18 months to 81 years old since 2004.


The online tutoring includes one-on-one intervention and enrichment. The tutoring intervention, group classes and enrichment will help your child with reading, writing, and speaking. As well as, they gain confidence and be inspired which includes classes on Creative Writing, Reading, Spelling, and Math along with My Elbert Classes due to my own experience and LD (view My Story Of Dyslexia: HERE).  and ask about my RESUME!


***Now working with the 2e population, as well Gifted & Talented

Check out my tutoring classes and what I offer:

    • Remediation and Intervention for READING (ALL LEVELS: EMERGENT-ADVANCED)
    • Grade Readiness
    • Math, Including Applied Word Problems
    • Listening Skills & Working Memory
    • Spelling & Sight Words
    • Expressive & Receptive Language
    • Handwriting Including Cursive
    • Gifted Class Vocabulary & Comprehension
    • Including Content Literacy, Text Analysis, & Reading In Research

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😄 DATES JUNE 20th-JULY 29th (5 Weeks- off week of the 4th)
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😀 GOOGLE Classroom ONLINE- so parents can access the students SCIENCE JOURNALS & APPLIED MATH PROJECTS (just like last summer)
😀 (My Fav. 😍)- I added a new class on Morphology which is a great way to learn SPELLING, Advanced Phonics and Vocabulary
😀 ALREADY- I have some kids signed up!!! These group classes (4 or so kids, same age range), versus one-on-one tutoring, (like we do all school year) is found to be better for SUMMER 😎😎 Breaks Up Monotony and they make friends!!!!
😁 SET PRICES for Classes $15 per student per classes (WHAT A DEAL)
***Note: I can still One-on-one tutor…I’ve added gifted/talented and 2e tutoring this year as well!! Tell your friends for this intervention and enrichment really helps with Summer Progression instead of Regression!! Message me Soon!!- Tricia Cook


 I coach you and/or your child to discover their own learning uniquenesses, gifts, and how to use their gifts and strengths. Those with a neurodifference, often have intuitive and insightful, well-developed social awareness and emotions while possessing a lexicon of words to help with the synonymous “why’s of dyslexia”. We also have deep and holistic, list-form thinking, problem-solving, and building/constructing abilities, computer skills, and gaming strategies. We seek our own endeavors of creative, imaginative, visual, artistic, and visionary skills while taking on inventing and innovating pursuits. Lastly, I have a Neurodiversity in Auditory, Visual and Vestibular as well a neurodivergency and I can tell you that we may excel at thinking of “outside the box” solutions, seeing a problem from many sides, and spatial relationships along with the ability to think in 3 dimensions. Lastly, I prepare students with unique learning and neurodifferences to connect to the world with enrichment, intervention, and tutoring due to my own experience and LD (view My Story Of Dyslexia: HERE)  and ask about my RESUME!

Check out my coaching classes and what I offer:


My ELBERT: Remembering Calm & Listening Skills

  • Understanding Dyslexia and Other Learning Differences
  • Learning Management Techniques & Classroom Management
  • ECE Children’s Literature Read Aloud
  • Family Attachment & Parenting with Language and Literacy
  • ABC’s including Autonomy & Attunement
  • Breathing & Calming Exercises and Activities
  • Journaling & Poetry
  • Bible Study (Intentions & Affirmation- Bible Brain Balancing)
  • Remembering Calm & Listening Skills (Brainstorming Emotions/Mind Maps & Tools for Calm)

My ELBERT: Helping Those with a Neurodifference Enjoy Learning Again

  • Career & College Readiness Including ACT/SAT (15 plus-adult)
  • Study Skills/Test Taking Strategies (such as Mind Mapping)
  • School & Grade Level Readiness Including Pre-K
  • Positive Guidance/Discipline with Language and Literacy
  • Bible Literacy (Children & Adults)
  • Identity & Building Character with Language and Literacy

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What is neruopedagogy? My current practice is a holistic, alternative approach to being and aims to learn how to stimulate new zones of the brain, and increase self-directed neuroplasticity, and create connections (neuropathways) for learning to be successful. Furthermore, it is targeted at naturally stimulating the brains of all types of learners, not only those with students who have learning differences. You need to know that my neuropedagogy is based on the following: my own inductive reasoning, logic of evaluation, outside-of-the box problem-solving skills, detective sense contributed to my own gift of dyslexia, gift of knowledge and wisdom (discernment), countless hours of student observations, (w)holism, neuroscientific, neuropsychology, educational research, and studies along with my perpetual care for children.  

Check out my consulting classes and what I offer:

Are YOU Ready To Enjoy An Affordable, Reading, Writing, & Speaking Holistic Intervention For Your Student/Child? Where they develop A Unique Sense Of Trust In Themselves, Their Gifts, & How They Process Information. Now you too can enjoy your thriving student/child, even if you don’t have specialized training….we offer trainings to which Learning That Appeals To The “Whole Person”… MY Elbert Coaching Model HERE and My Elbert Coaches/Consultants HERE

I’m offering courses and professional development opportunities for parents, tutors/teachers, paraprofessionals, administrators, any stakeholders really…that’s right, with consulting opportunities I’m interested in guiding global governments to embrace a neuropedagogy such as mine.  DO YOU WANT MY COMPLETE LIST OF PD TRAINING???

As well as, I would like to share I little about myself and how I can help you by consulting and/or training! I have dyslexia myself and struggled with anger/shame due to LD (view My Story Of Dyslexia: HERE).  and ask about my RESUME!  

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Thanks, Tricia Cook, Emotional Intensity Advocate, Dyslexia Interventionist, M. Ed., RSP, AOG

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I’m also looking for consultants, coaches, and tutors for My Elbert.

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Published by Tricia Cook, MEd., Online Dyslexia and Behavioral Interventionist, RSP, AA O-G Tutor & Montessorian

Dyslexia Screenings & Emotional Intensive Intervention - Staff Training - Online Courses- Consultancy- Tutoring-Reliance and Family Coaching I have a unique approach in helping individuals achieve their full potential. With over two and a half decades of experience, I have a passion for learning new techniques and being at the forefront of groundbreaking advancements in education. As a graduate of the renowned Auburn University, I have earned both her BA in ECE and Masters Degree in Secondary with Reading Specialist certification from the University of Alabama. I have experience at the Montessori School in Birmingham which has provided me with valuable insights into the best practices of teaching young minds. I have also developed training programs for teachers, providing essential support to students with neurodiverse needs such as dyslexia, ADHD, and autism spectrum. I have focus on developing a "whole child" pedagogy that caters to all modes of learning, I continually work with Dr. Joseph Nwoye on teaching and learning including DEI. I have helped develop programs and training with SDIG ( in promoting the intersectionality of the complexities and complicated issues of diversity. I have credentials as a reading specialist with a speech pathology background expanded greatly while owning Cook's Independent Tutoring, Coaching, Consulting, LLC. I currently pursuing a Neurodiversity Family Coaching certification in the framework of the CReW Coaching Institute. Again, I have a commitment to being at the forefront of groundbreaking advancements in education. As an enthusiastic learner and educator, I am confident that I have the necessary skills to support others in achieving their goals ( For more information, contact Tricia Cook, Cook's Independent, Tutoring, Coaching and Consulting, LLC. (;

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