My Elbert: Helping Those With Neurodifference Enjoy Learning Again

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You need to observe the student’s sensory acute response to stress and interview teachers, the child, and parents, and instructional support to informally observe input/output of motor, verbal, and written behaviors in response to a literacy activity such as a phonics inventory, word- sound knowledge, phonological awareness exercises, and working memory activities along with the student’s interest survey and overall behaviors based on executive, somatic, and autonomic functioning.

You might need to contact me for help if you or your child/student can’t be reached and seems disconnected; Also, when it comes to learning, they show some or all of the following emotions and challenges: anger, frustration, shame, and sadness; has chronic headaches, stomach aches, hives; appears to have low-self esteem; squints when reading; feels behind or “different” than the other kids; has behavioral and learning challenges; emotionally intense or desensitized; complains; thrives for constant attention; labeled emotionally intense, gifted and talented or twice- exceptional; has trouble focusing or paying attention; destroys their pencil, eraser, and crumples up their paper after working very hard; problems with organization or being on time; poor eye-contact, body-space awareness; sleep and/or digestive problems; has problems spelling or with handwriting; complete interest-based learner; grips pencil very hard; has glasses but still complains about not seeing the letters or words, ultra-sensitive, problems with authority; doodles on paper or anything else; problems understanding verbal directions.

What services do you offer with your My Elbert Coaching & Consulting? We train and coach families, educators in schools, museums, organizations, independent contractors, tutors, and other teaching staff and institutions of higher education personnel, to use student-centered facilitation methods to create a visually- empowering team inclusive of neuropedalogical discussions, reflective activities, goal and intention setting, self-awareness and directed neuroplasticity. Also, by our intensive professional development programs, we provide individuals with the tools to become skilled facilitators of complex conversations, fostering strategic relationships, flexible thinking skills, and the conceptualization and implementation of collaborative initiatives. Our accessible online curricula supports of critical thinking, visual literacy (arts), communication (reading, writing, & speaking), and collaboration skills including but not limited to: curriculum planning, literacy intervention, visual-arts instruction, classroom management, character development, and community outreach programs.

Subscriptions To My Elbert

Schools & Organizations

Starter Level (3 months)

3 hours initial training on My Elbert quick screen and PA Awareness Is Fun (press), plus additional Coaching/ TA training (recommended for approx. 5-10 eligible students, needs to be ages 4-6). (preferred- Can be less than 5)

Intermediate Level (6 months)

5 hours initial training on My Elbert Evaluation Level I and Choose Two Intervention (press), plus additional Coaching/ TA training (recommended for approx. 5-15 eligible students, level 1 Elbert Evaluation). (preferred- Can be less 5)

Mastery Level (9 months)

10 hours initial training on My Elbert Evaluation Level I and Choose Three Interventions (Press) , plus additional Coaching/ TA training (recommended for approx. 16-30 eligible students, level 1 Elbert Evaluation). (preferred- Can be less 16)

Complete Elbert (12 months)

15 hours initial training Complete My Elbert Evaluation and Choose Four Interventions (below), plus additional Coaching/ TA training (recommended for approx. 31 plus eligible students, Complete Elbert evaluation). (preferred- Can be less than 31)

Individuals: Teachers/Tutors, Parents, Specialist, any Stakeholder

Intermediate Level (5 classes) 5 hours initial training on My Elbert Evaluation Level I, II, or III and Choose Two Intervention (see links above)

Mastery Level (7 classes)

10 hours initial training on My Elbert Evaluation All Levels and Choose 3 Interventions, 2 Enrichment classes (see links above)

Complete Elbert (12 classes)

15 hours initial training Complete My Elbert Evaluation All Levels and Choose 5 Interventions, 2 Enrichment classes plus to Adult Enrichment Classes (see links above)

Tutors Pick Subscription 70/30; Coaches Pick Subscription 30/70; Consultants Get 10% each time sold (2 mandatory classes). *ask about case studies, also deal if become more than one above

*prices subject, not including travel reimbursement, online platform such as

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Published by Tricia Cook, MEd., Online Dyslexia and Behavioral Interventionist, RSP, AA O-G Tutor & Montessorian

My interest is in helping parents and teachers to understand learning and behavioral challenges and to love learning again. I graduated from Auburn in ECE in 1998. I have been a Montessori teacher here in Birmingham for almost 12 years and have lived in Birmingham for the past 19 years. As an early childhood teacher, I want continue to grow and develop as a constant learner. In 2012, I graduated from Secondary Education with a P-12 Reading Specialist certification the University of Alabama. As a Reading Specialist, I train on diversity and literacy development; I have a specialized knowledge of assessment and diagnosis that is vital for developing, implementing, and evaluating your literacy and neurodiversity behavioral, character development programing. Also, I have varying experiences designing instruction and environments for Montessori and Non-Montessori (OSR-Pre-K) environments. Therefore, I can consult for any environment or setting! In 2013, I attained my highly qualified status in ECE and Reading. In 2013, I also got my Orton-Gillingham AA tutor certification. I currently tutor full-time along with consulting. I have actually been tutoring since 2003. Along with other independent tutoring/interventionist experiences, I have brought dozens of students from an emergent to an advanced reading level! In addition to tutoring, I have provided the reading strengths and needs of my students and share that information to classroom teachers, parents, specialized teachers, and other stakeholders.  Lastly, I have also been a trainer/presenter, since 2008 and really enjoy this aspect of my career. As an experienced trainer, I have trained on many topics including: literacy (the five components), classroom management, positive discipline, diversity character development, Montessori Philosophy, policies and procedures, child development, and Alabama's Pre-k. Take note: Schools and families are desperately looking for an alternative type of affordable multi-sensory, hands-on, and interesting instruction. Currently, I am training and interested in writing on the following topics: A Comparison of Pre-K to Kindergarten; Adolescent Literacy (7th+); Assessment; Developing Readers; Children’s Literature; Classroom Management Techniques; Comprehension; Montessori Philosophy; Environmental Print & Early Writing; Family Attachment; Language and Literacy; Outdoor Classroom; Poetry Writing (7th+); Positive Guidance; Fine-motor Development; Cursive Writing; Creative Writing; Comprehension: Study Skills/Test Taking Strategies; Morphology; Phonics Instruction; Diversity Education; Neurodiversity Education; HandWriting; Reading Strategies; Best Practices P-12. Thank you, Tricia Cook, MEd., RSP, AOG;

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