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Written BY Tricia Cook, MEd., RSP, AOG;

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Neuropedagogy & IQ- Disparagement of Perceptions

What is neruopedagogy? Neuropedagogy as a scientific discipline: interdisciplinary description of the theoretical basis for the development of an educational research field of the mind, brain and body; Basically, it is when science and education meet, and whose scientific aims are to learn how to stimulate new zones of the brain and create connections. It also merges neuroscience, education and psycology including (w)holism. ‘It is targeted at stimulating the brains of all types of learners, not only those with students who have learning differences. Applying the findings from neuroscience to teaching and learning.’ [Retrieved from Sara Naegele, MSEd and Dechantal Montano. “The Fundamentals of Neuropedagogy.” Brain Blogger The Fundamentals of Neuropedagogy Comments,]


We tend to think that learners differ along general dimensions such as IQ or verbal ability. But, in fact, each of the myriad small specializations are sources of individual difference. The person who has perfect pitch is not necessarily more likely to have amazing color perception or remarkable face recognition. People differ in hundreds of thousands of ways rather than in one way or even in a handful of ways. Retreievd from:

39 –

A healthy mind (intelligence) depends on the impact of trauma , especially learning with trauma, on the leb and the realsing of negative present and generaltional emotions that a person has experienced in their lifetime. Most important, where they are in the process of healing their “leb”. Ones IQ can change, in each situation and “season” of their life! Note: This is how we “label people” based on how they have genome are expressed based on factors of functioning based on typical circumstances and situations:

The average score on an IQ test is 100. These labels are often given for IQ scores:

  • 1 to 24: Profound mental disability
  • 25 to 39: Severe mental disability
  • 40 to 54: Moderate mental disability
  • 55 to 69: Mild mental disability
  • 70 to 84: Borderline mental disability
  • 85 to 114: Average intelligence
  • 115 to 129: Above average or bright
  • 130 to 144: Moderately gifted
  • 145 to 159: Highly gifted
  • 160 to 179: Exceptionally gifted
  • 180 and up: Profoundly gifted

[Retrieved from Cherry, Kendra. “Do You Have a Genius IQ Score?” Verywell Mind, 3 Aug. 2020,

If you are questioning if the thymus houses the mind, then ask yourself have you ever felt or thought something outside your own consciousness (maybe you found something out as you were journaling)? Try asking yourself is this true? You might even perceive something in a different way? Read below because what I’m asking and presenting to you might change your perception.

This cubed model of intelligence (see below) should be added to the ‘triarchic theory’, “this theory of intelligence has three aspects: analytical, creative, and practical (Sternberg 1985). Analytical intelligence, also referred to as componential intelligence, refers to intelligence that is applied to analyze or evaluate problems and arrive at solutions’. [Retrieved from].” ‘This is a major theoretical issue for psychologists because they are divided on which perception [the mind] relies directly on for information in the environment.  Some argue that perceptual processes are not direct, but depend on the perceiver’s expectations and previous knowledge as well as the information available in the stimulus itself.’ [Retrieved from].


“The core is not developing the new chakra-system, but rather to expand your consciousness beyond what is perceived by the monkey mind.” [Retrieved from Ourangelsguidance. “THE 12 CHAKRA SYSTEM AND TWINFLAME PROCESS.” Our Angels Guidance, 13 Nov. 2016,]

40 – image 4.3 cubed model of intelligence illustration

I want you to think about the Necker cube, which is sometimes used to test computer models of the human visual system, to see if consistent interpretations of the image are the same. There is evidence that by focusing on different parts of the figure, one can force a more stable perception of the cube.


As listed above on the cubed intelligence model, I need you to note  under operations with convergent and divergent operations. Most people  are convergent and have deductive reasoning and convergent thought.  Those with neurodiversity have divergent production and have inductive  reasoning and divergent thought. This is not the norm. The convergent  production is based solely off of the “scientific method”- this thought  process involves answering “what” with facts/form and function with theory, hypothesis, testing, and  conclusion. The divergent production wants to answer the “why” using  with feeling/future with their own observations, patterns, hypothesis and theory. In time, they  observe what’s developing in their own perceptions of their mind through  symbolic, behavioral contents, then evaluative memory of certain  relations, systems, transformation and implications before they come up  with a variety of never been used ways for a solution.  [Retrieved from  “Best Child, Career Counselling and Assessment Center in India.” Energiasoi,]


According to my friend Vishwas Asolkar, when referring to the cubed intelligence model, he says, “teaching patterns with Fractal Grids Patterns is an excellent method to understand and resolve complexities of thought waves to eliminate undue factors of mind, brain energies and directing wave path and time, essential elevation to higher spiritual layer thus is made possible by way of release of energy to sooth the cerebral pressure, cerebrum being a central part is heavily busy all the time with tremendous pressure/stress to sustain… Understanding the anatomy of brain is very much important for Yogic/spiritual Transformations… Jesus or Jesus like Sages are much above these stresses at the 12th level or beyond …!”

Think about Word-Conscience Students w/ Representational Drift (Eye-Hopping)

“The evidence of stable stimulus representation in the face of this  variability has led to the suggestion that the functional connectivity  of the sensory cortex may grant it robustness to noise while maintaining  the ability to undergo experience-dependent plasticity17.” Retrived from

Lastly, think about the Rorschach Test, which is a projective psychological test, by Hermann Rorschach developed in 1921. Approximately, how many neurodiverse  learners are in existence? 23% of all learners, just under 1/4 of children and adults. The neurodiverse percieve words  as images of color-emotions in their mind and their symbols as we do the images known as inkblots. The emotions give us our subjective view of what we read, write, speak and hear. This is why testing should be obsolete; this can not be tested. In my perspective all IQ testing nor standardized tests (even those by  gold standard) are not set up for neurodivergent learners; Actually,  most of education isn’t revolutionary and set up to tests this divergent  way of thought- along with the authenticity of each person’s mind.  Anything that is subjective or factual knowledge and not wise doesn’t  meet the needs nor natural inquiry of the divergent minds’ perspective.  -Tricia Cook Tcooktutoring.


For this and other visual phenomena and optical illusions, see Michael Bach’s web site Adelson’s “Checkershadow Illusion” can be seen at An excellent explanation can be found at An additional optical illusion that shows a similar phenomenon can be found at


Here are a couple of reasons why read as follows:


I argue, the IQ is a fluid as a person’s EQ depending on the mindset, situational triggers, circumstance, and environment as well as what is mentioned prior when writing about functional systems and senses. This is why when they get the results from neurophycologist, the parents say to me, ‘this isn’t right I KNOW my child is intelligent’. I usuallt agree and say I know at home and with me they are…not in a place they’ve nevern been into before with people they just met nor with such pressure to do well on testing!!


I also argue that he cubed model (image 4.3) should be added to how we test IQ because it takes the variance of human perceptions held inside the thymus which is our “central intelligence”, which again is part of one’s spiritual mindset and imagination which takes into account: variances in experiences such as contents (facts), products (form/ functions), and operations (feelings/future) (see my Lesson Plan in Part II of  Their Nature).

God’s Seal Of The Holy Spirit: Intelligence & Imagination

I argue, that  IQ Intelligence Quotient- leaves little room for  imagination. Where the mind includes the “seeing & hearing” trusting  of God’s Higher Intelligence & Imagination. Imagination Quotient  (IQ) would need for us to look “outside of the box” and magnitude of a  specified characteristic or quality beyond typical/standard  understanding!!! This is where most of the neurodiverse gain their  “logic”.

REMEMBER: People are using their mental and emotional bodies to learn, not their etherical body (etheric). Also, as one of My Elbert trainers says, ‘it’s time to release the wisdom-filled strategies that God has given you…the hidden parts of yourself while at the same time learning to see, hear and recognize the greater content that is God.’


“Closing the  science-policy gap…”analyzing the nature and severity of early  stressful experiences helps us make better judgments about potential  interventions that reduce the risk of troubling developmental outcomes.””  When faced with a potential stressor like a presentation, a recital, or an athletic competition that we expect to be anxiety provoking, we can call upon conscious techniques such as breathing, refocusing attention, and visualizing success. Teachers can help students become skillful in using these kinds of techniques to help them manage their emotional responses in stressful and fearful situations. Understanding how emotions can impact student learning can help. “Unfortunately, in today’s systems of education and academics, everything  is determined by this. If you can make more things out of it, you are  considered intelligent, which is not true – you only have a sharper  buddhi. The buddhi will not take you beyond limits in any way, because  it can only function based on the data that is already there. It is not  capable of accessing anything beyond that.” Retrieved from


(Holy-Self) Jesus, Holy Ghost, God (ARAS) – It’s the seal of perfection, where you are a growing seed of spiritual moral principles (pure) and sympathy (blameless). UNDERSTANDING


joined with in unity with Love and Honor


(Spirit)  Will (Thymus aka “The Leb” – High Heart/Mind=Charity/Incentive/Motivation/Blameless) Ex. You are Power: You are Loving-Kindness  (Faith, Green, Wisdom)


joined with


(Soul) Emotions (PONS-Body/Mind= Choices/Imagination/DREAMS/DESIRES) Ex. You are Mercy: You are Strength  (Charity, Purple, Understanding)


joined with


(Body) Mind (RAS-Body/Brain=Intellect/Thought/Meaning/Pure) Ex. You are Grace: You are Knowledge  (Hope, White, Knowledge)


Retrieved from UDL-



  • ● ● GOD● ● ●Further Focus

Before we move onto the next section on how to help yourself and your child. Please ask yourself this question not from your brain, heart but from your mind these questions:


RAS ACC/HPA- Concrete Thought  (conscious develops around age 2)Self-regulation:

Is s/he frequently irritable?

Does s/he overreact to small problems?

Does s/he have intense, angry outbursts?

Does s/he have outbursts for little or no apparent reason? (specify situations in which outbursts occur)?

Attention and Executive Function:

Is s/he easily distractible; does he act without thinking?

Is s/he restless, not able to sit still; is he overly active?

Does s/he have difficulty initiating or finishing tasks such as homework?

Does s/he have difficulty finding things in his/her room or desk?

Is his/her written work poorly organized, does s/he have difficulty planning ahead?

Does s/he forget to hand in homework?


PONS Abstract Thought  (spiritual conscious begins develops around age 7, makes a jump at 12)

Oppositional and Aggressive behavior:

Is your child destructive to toys or other objects?

Does s/he say “no” or refuse to comply when asked to do something?

Does your child regularly argue with you (parents), teachers?

Does s/he tease or bully another child? Has s/he been teased or bullied?

Is s/he aggressive with siblings, peers or adults, e.g., hits or pushes?

Does s/he swear, call names or make threats?


Do you think your child worries more than other children?

What does s/he worry about?

Does s/he ever have problems falling asleep because she is worrying about something, can’t turn his/her mind off?

Does your child have many fears?

Is s/he easily scared?

Can s/he be easily comforted by reassurance?


THYMUS SuperConscious Thought Cont.  (around age 21–24, makes a jump at 30)


What is your child’s mood like most of the time?

Is s/he often unhappy, sad or tearful?

Does your child’s mood change abruptly for no apparent reason?

Have you noticed a change in his/her interest in things s/he used to enjoy?

Have you noticed a change in his/her energy or activity level?

Is s/he more quiet than usual?

Have you noticed a change in his/her sleep patterns or appetite?

Questions By The Research Autism Group  or online [Accessed 16 Dec. 2019].



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Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God. 1 John 4:7 (KJV) There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love. 1 John 4:18 (KJV)

Affirmation of God: I am love. I have harmony.

Disclaimer: These checklists and questionnaires are not to be substituted for professional Medical advice. These are the opinions of Tricia Cook and should not be used to diagnose or prescribe. Tricia is not a doctor.

41 –


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Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God. 1 John 4:7 (KJV) There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love. 1 John 4:18 (KJV)


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The program I developed is named ELBERT™ which results include less passive student engagement, confidence, health and wellness including more pleasurable learning while participating in learning activities. Speaking of the “whole child”- you need to examine every aspect of “the whole child” not just the end goal or result which is literacy and their appropriate learning behavior. This program looks at the “whole child” and their unique neural development, complete learning differences including the nature and nurture of the neurodifference including their chakras, biofield (EM Field), and nervous systems.

I’m now making my expertise available to parents, teachers, administrators, stakeholders and other learning communities. I observe the student’s sensory acute response to stress and interview teachers, the child, and parents, observe input/output of motor, verbal, and written behaviors in response to a literacy activity such as a phonics inventory, word- sound knowledge, phonological awareness exercises, and working memory activities along with the student’s interest survey and overall behaviors based on executive, somatic and autonomic functioning. My program is named ELBERT™ based on the triune brain which includes the following: Brainstem- I have a fight, flight and freeze sympathetic/parasympathetic observational checklist; Midbrain- a screening for vestibular, proprioceptive, somatic issues, along with speech/language development, auditory and visual processing; Limbic- My lesson plan template that includes the 4 F’s: Facts, Forms/Functions, Feelings & Future along with a progress monitoring tool; Cordial- holistic, alternative suggestions for taking care of the whole child’s individual, dynamic needs which includes over 200 exercises and activities.

Do you offer trainings for parents, teachers, tutors or other RSP? As  you know, schools, organization, and families are desperately looking  for an effective, alternative type of affordable multi-sensory,  handshakes-on, and interesting instruction for learning differences.  With my new program ELBERT™, I am searching to tell my story/testimony  of dyslexia also for students to tutor, coaching, training and  consulting opportunities.  I’m interested in connecting with professionals all over the world  with common interests related to alternative and holistic education such as: explicit instruction, neurodiversity awareness, epigenetics,  neuropedagogy, literacy tutoring, learning differences, health & wellness, positive mindset and learning environments. As well as, I would like to share I little about myself and how I can help you by consulting and/or training! What  I’m presenting to you guys with an ‘alternative perspective’ not a  typical one, because I’ve definitely have a divergent mind not atypical  one personally. I’m not your traditional academia type educator (even  though my extensive resume says otherwise- see below) in the least due  to my experiences with growing up neurodifference. So please do not  hesitate to contact me. I’m willing to travel.

43 – Tricia Cook, MEd., RSP, AOG;




The  goal of the ABC’s is Spiritual Mindsight w/Self-directed  Neuroplasticity! Again, Neuroplasticity is the capacity of nerve cells to biologically  adapt to circumstances, to change their connections and behaviour in  response to new. Most importantly, the transformations of glia cells is something  miraculous with gaining spiritual mind sight, hearing it even mindset!


Observe: information presented and environment, sensory stimulation, development, damage, or dysfunction.

Goal: mental calmness, composure, and evenness of temper, especially in a  difficult situation (equanimity).

Reinforce: Spiritual Mindsight w/ Self Directed Neuroplasticity

Translates: To Positive Epigenetic Signatures


Yes- very important for learning!!


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