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Hi there! My name is Tricia Cook and I’m a tutor, trainer and education consultant @ Cook’s Independent, Tutoring, Coaching, & Consulting, LLC.

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Education has been studying, researching, and implementing “best practices” for children’s cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development for a significant period of time. Educational institutions, researchers, and practitioners have continued to delve deeper into understanding the complexities of children’s development and how best to support them. Similarly, the field continues to advance as educators and researchers collaborate to provide the most effective and comprehensive education for children, ensuring their holistic growth and preparing them for success in the ever-evolving world. While the formal integration of spiritual development in education has evolved over time, it has gained significant attention in recent years.

As our understanding of child development continues to evolve, educational practices and approaches are continuously refined and updated…

Is spiritual development what we have been missing to provide a holistic and well-rounded education that nurtures all aspects of a child’s growth such as holistic well-being and character formation? Learn More Here:

With my program, My Elbert, we train and coach families, educators in schools, museums, organizations, independent contractors, tutors, and other teaching staff and institutions of higher education personnel, on methods to create a visually-empowering team inclusive but not limited to: neuropedalogical discussions, reflective activities, goal and intention setting, self-awareness and directed neuroplasticity.

Also, by our intensive professional development programs, we provide individuals with the tools to become skilled facilitators of complex conversations, fostering strategic relationships, flexible thinking skills, and the conceptualization and implementation of collaborative initiatives.

Our accessible online curricula supports of critical thinking, visual literacy (arts), communication (reading, writing, & speaking), and collaboration skills including but not limited to: curriculum planning, literacy intervention, visual-arts instruction, classroom management, character development, and community outreach programs.

Please assist and accept an invention to Write A Review Of The Attached “Nurture Their Nature” which is the basis or “why” behind My Elbert Program. Please help me out with this review (min of 200 words appreciated) and contact with any questions. Please review Part I of Nurture Their Nature:

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Vishwas Asolkar studies from Jean-Émile Charon, who was a French nuclear physicist, philosopher, and writer, confirms Cook’s Theory (see above). Asolkar writes, “Mrs. Cook, I am still studying your wonderful series of lessons on innovative publication on Neurometric education applications… ahead …there’s got to be dappling effect applied to the theories and principles of mechanics of the universe…”. “I’m happy to note that, you do have fair knowledge of Science of Mechanics and application to Spiritual Game Theory.” [Referring to Lionel E. Flotte’s Work] Asolkar also states, “Indicators given by a great engineer & author … Arguments very much are True & applicable to our journey.”

Cook has developed a wonderful neuropedagogy. She is attempting to add (w)holism including epigenetics and self- directed neuroplasticity into a great field of education. From her own life experience and research, she has taken on the task to help the sufferers and those, who feel weak and weary to their circumstances and situations such as neurodiversity and divergence. Asolkar also writes, “she had applied her techniques, by developing her amazing technical growth and higher spiritual dynamics.” Likewise, he wrote. “I felt thrilled and proud to go through your works. The world requires dynamic personalities like you for creating great goodness to heal the world.”

We’ve just created a brand new section of our website to Helping Those with a Neurodifference Enjoy Learning Again: Group Tutoring, Parent and Teachers Courses, & Freebies. Would you like to take a look?

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Published by Tricia Cook, MEd., Online Dyslexia and Behavioral Interventionist, RSP, AA O-G Tutor & Montessorian

Dyslexia Screenings & Emotional Intensive Intervention - Staff Training - Online Courses- Consultancy- Tutoring-Reliance and Family Coaching I have a unique approach in helping individuals achieve their full potential. With over two and a half decades of experience, I have a passion for learning new techniques and being at the forefront of groundbreaking advancements in education. As a graduate of the renowned Auburn University, I have earned both her BA in ECE and Masters Degree in Secondary with Reading Specialist certification from the University of Alabama. I have experience at the Montessori School in Birmingham which has provided me with valuable insights into the best practices of teaching young minds. I have also developed training programs for teachers, providing essential support to students with neurodiverse needs such as dyslexia, ADHD, and autism spectrum. I have focus on developing a "whole child" pedagogy that caters to all modes of learning, I continually work with Dr. Joseph Nwoye on teaching and learning including DEI. I have helped develop programs and training with SDIG ( in promoting the intersectionality of the complexities and complicated issues of diversity. I have credentials as a reading specialist with a speech pathology background expanded greatly while owning Cook's Independent Tutoring, Coaching, Consulting, LLC. I currently pursuing a Neurodiversity Family Coaching certification in the framework of the CReW Coaching Institute. Again, I have a commitment to being at the forefront of groundbreaking advancements in education. As an enthusiastic learner and educator, I am confident that I have the necessary skills to support others in achieving their goals ( For more information, contact Tricia Cook, Cook's Independent, Tutoring, Coaching and Consulting, LLC. (;

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